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Mobility Management Certificate Program (MMCP)

Rural Missourians face transportation barriers that limit fullness of life and basic needs such as health, food, education, employment and social interaction. Because transportation is tangled, complicated and expensive, though identified as one of the top two barriers in communities across Missouri, it is not addressed.
The purpose of this course is to provide Mobility Management trainees the skills, knowledge, and resources that will improve transportation access for Missourians who have the greatest need. Upon completion of the course the trainee will be able to identify their community’s transportation resources and barriers, communicate with others using non-biased language, collaborate effectively, identify funding resources to assist consumers with transportation cost, and identify requirements and restrictions of funding for consumers. Additionally, trainees will create their own National, State, and Local Mobility Management Resources Toolkit that is focused on the trainee’s community of service.

The MMCP builds core strengths for community and health Mobility Management and is the first of its kind dedicated to case managers, community health workers, social workers, frontline workers, community activists and others. The self-directed training, developed by University of Missouri, School of Medicine and MU Extension Office of HOPE, offers up to 12 weeks to complete. The average learning time is 4-6 weeks and provides individual activities in each module to complete a basic strategic planning guide.

Download the program flyer.

Listen to the podcast and read the article to learn more about the development of the Mobility Management Certificate Program.

Mobility Management Technical Support Center

MRHA provides statewide assistance and support to organizations and individuals working on access solutions. Coming soon, the technical resource center will be the gateway for tools, education opportunities, networking and chat groups for those working on access solutions. We are dedicated to improving access for all in urban and rural communities.

Regional Mobility Management

Building coordination and service across Missouri, regional and community mobility coordinators work individually and together to link people for rides across the state and beyond. MRHA is building Mobility Management skills, knowledge, and engaging state organizations to reduce silos and improve access for all.

Read more about Mobility Management.

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“Public transportation can be an important enabler of access to services. It can lead to more individuals reaching life-sustaining and preventive health care services.”

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