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Community Transportation Needs Assessment

Collaborating with residents, organizations, and local governments, this tool helps identify the unmet needs of communities. The Assessment helps the community understand the transportation landscape and to find transportation solutions.

Key elements include:

  • A transportation gap analysis including current public transit, commercial providers, ridesharing, carpooling, bike/scooter-sharing, innovative transit services, and volunteer services
  • Community engagement through forums, workshops, house meetings, focus groups, interviews, and more
  • Exploration of nontraditional transportation options
  • Population demographics, geography, destination hubs, and primary health concerns to develop priority needs
  • MRHA members utilizing HealthTran can also access the Ride Scheduling Platform and Volunteer Driver Program.

To learn more, contact Mary Gordon, HealthTran Director, at or call 573.616.2740.

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“I was losing sleep at night wondering which friend I would call next. It was through a conversation with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) that I found out about HealthTran.”

HealthTran Rider — Bob Bowen